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McRae-Gaines Learning Center


McRae-Gaines Learning Center was founded in 1978 by “The Mothers of Many,” in collaboration with the Black Belt Arts & Cultural Center, to serve Selma’s children and families “from the least to the greatest.”
This farsighted group of women and their families invested their time and treasure in the idea that all children deserved the best available education regardless of the political and civil discourse of the day.

40 years later that vision continues to inspire our staff, teachers, Board of Directors and parents. We provide child-care, pre-school, 4-year-old and 5-year- old kindergarten and a 1st and 2nd grade preparatory curriculum for Selma’s working families.
Over the past two years McRae-Gaines has been serving a significant number of children with developmental delays, including autism. Their parents have chosen McRae because of our low teacher/child ratio. We are working to respond to that need.

Simultaneously, we are supporting parents forced to take the only jobs available in Selma, part-time with unpredictable schedules, minimum-wage jobs that are

unable to cover the cost of child care at McRae. Therefore, we will continue to raise funds through our Guardian Angel Fund Campaign for scholarships to serve those in need of dependable child care and pre-school while they deal with employment options in the Black Belt.

You can donate directly to McRae-Gaines Learning Center here: 

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