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"Via the National Endowment for the Humanities, I have brought hundreds of teachers to Alabama to study Alabama's role in the Modern Civil Rights Movement.  Always on our list of places to visit is Selma.  Our Tour guide for this iconic city is Joanne Bland.  The fact that Joanne was a child activist is not lost on any of us.  Seeing this movement through her eyes opens a window for all of us that is authentic with a rare view of what it was like to live there, through the most turbulent struggle for human and civil rights of the 20th Century.  A first-person account is irreplaceable.  Joanne shares her story of working to overcoming injustice as an 11-year-old freedom-fighter that touches our hearts long after we walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and it starts to shrink in the distance as we continue our quest for knowledge and understanding. "

-Dr. Martha Bouyer

Stony the Road we Trod. . .

Alabama's Role in the Modern Civil Rights Movement

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