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Stories of Struggle: Growing up the Segregated South

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Excerpt from the Blue Dress

As I sat in church on Easter Sunday and listened to the lesson of how Jesus died for me not to suffer, I wondered why I was still suffering. Maybe God did not like colored people. I did not want to be colored.”

Stories of Struggle. . .Growing Up In The Segregated South is collection of short stories written by Joanne Blackmon Bland and Lynda Blackmon Lowery, two sisters who were born and raised in Selma, Alabama during a period in the United States where segregation and discrimination against African Americans was the norm.

Stories of Struggle. . .Growing up in the Segregated South is a look into the day to day lives of two African American girls who share riveting stories of struggle, pain, love and hope as only an African American child whose day to day encounters with racism and their determination to overcome can.

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